TJ White Skylines the Band

TJ White | Musical Director

TJ's direction draws from his extensive list of performances and experiences. He works to ensure that SKYLINES the Band include and perform from a wide variety of musical styles.  

Blaine Martin

Blaine Martin | Bass & Guitar

Blaine is a multi-instrumentalist ( Piano, Bass, Guitar, Ukulele, Vocals). Blaine is a song writer and has experience playing guitar, bass and piano in a number of band settings.

Landon Volkmann Skylines the Band

Landon Volkmann | Lead Vox

Landon with his charming personality and powerful voice is no stranger to the stage. He has starred in numerous musicals. Landon is also a jazz pianist and guitarist. 



Ethan Martin | Trombone

Ethan, as a trombonist for Skylines the Band, holds one of the greatest note ranges in all the brass section with the use of his slide.  Ethan adds a mellow sound that highlights the bands overall sound.

Scott Skylines the band piano

Scott Hershberger | Piano

Scott is one of the most compelling, upcoming pianist in his age bracket. His compositions are thought-provoking and multifaceted. He has intelligence, insight and maturity in his playing. 

Jon Skylines the Band

Jon Kohl | Tenor Sax

Jon is a thoughtful soloist with plenty of swing. Jon is an integral part of the band's sound with his layered compositions, sweet melodies, and open-minded playing. 

Vaughn Craddock Skylines the band drummer

Vaughn Craddock | Drums

Vaughn's command of jazz, swing, blues and rock pushes the boundaries of all styles to new heights.  He is the heart of the band. Vaughn brings a mature energy with balanced subtle rhythms.

Bray Van Volkmann Pat Bash Wichita

Brady Volkmann | Guitar

Brady is the youngest member of Skylines. He offers a commanding tone and a melodic mixture of major, dotted with minor notes, throughout his solos. He's been mentored by some of Wichita's finest Blues and Jazz artists.